Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor - Be sure about the part number

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Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor - Be sure about the part number

Post by MarkC3113 »

Hi guys.

Hopefully this will save somebody a whole load of frustration.

I have a pretend Navara D40 with the 140kW YD25 (the comfortable type with rear seats - yes it's an R51 Pathfinder).

Many of the aftermarket parts suppliers won't correctly supply the fuel rail pressure sensor by part number stating only that their catalogue item fits a range of YD25 applications.

So I was sent a 45PP3-1 sensor after correctly specifying my Spain built 2012 model. It caused no end of trouble and eventually after checking and testing most of the ECU ground connections and all the signal voltages and barking up the wrong tree (turbo actuator, SCV etc. etc.) found that with the engine off the rail pressure with this sensor bottomed out at 11MPa instead of 0MPa. So, the engine was always fuel starved and ran like a bucket of you know what (rough idle, gutless, surging at traffic lights, bogus fuel consumption data on in car display etc.). Need 32-35MPa for smooth idle. With the wrong sensor adding 11MPa to the ECU input the actual rail pressure was closer to 24MPa instead resulting in many swear words and elevated blood pressure whilst driving.

The correct part number is 45PP3-3. The sensor has (more often than not) an orange connector rather than black and when connected correctly with ignition on and engine off the rail pressure should read 0MPa on your OBD scan tool.

My pretend Nav now goes like a cut cat again with nearly 180,000Km on it. And yes it can drag off most petrol sedans at the lights once more.

I did replace the SCV earlier because it was ted from the roo country - but I hope this sensor part number info saves someone from nearly quitting in frustration.

Good luck peoples!

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