NP 300 - D23 Automatic - Idle Blips - Is This Normal?

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NP 300 - D23 Automatic - Idle Blips - Is This Normal?

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Hi all,

I'm just looking for a little advice. I purchased a 2020 NP300 in the UK with an auto box and 30k miles on it.

I thought the most straightforward way to understand the possible issue would be to watch a short 1-minute video of it......

Link to YouTube video......
Nissan Navara Rough Idle When Selecting Gear (Cold Start / Auto Transmission)

Basically, when cold starting and selecting gear, either drive or reverse, the idle blimps a few times and stabilises. Once running for a minute or so, all is fine; there are no other problems with the idle or engine after this.

Thank you in advance for any comments on whether this is normal.

No DTCs or warning lights are showing. 

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