Loss of power & engine surging

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Loss of power & engine surging

Post by Mortine77 »

Hi Guys,

I have a NP300 STX Auto.

Recently having issues with loss of power, Car struggles to get to 100kph on flat ground even worse up hill.
I tested the boost solenoids, one was failed so changed both also cleaned MAF/MAP sensors.
DPF light came on, I have removed and cleaned DPF, was a waste of time as it was clean. There is no smoke from exhaust. Fuel filter is clean.
Threw a code since the DPF clean, P242F- Particulate filter restriction-ash accumulation. (I know these is nothing wrong with DPF) anyone had a faulty DPF pressure sensor?
No other codes showing.

Last night I took my Fuel Prefilter out just to make sure it is not sucking in air. Made no difference.
This morning going to work, same issue, gutless, no power. 
However after clearing DPF code my Cruise control worked again, when I had it set at 60kph, you can hear and feel the engine surging. you can see the fuel economy graph go up and down.

I'm ready to burn the bloody thing!  :evil:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Loss of power & engine surging

Post by NavBoss »

Have you checked fuel pressure or had any fuel related codes? Maybe change the fuel filter. Make sure fuel system is primed properly. I assume if you have cleaned the MAF sensor then you have probably cleaned the air filter and checked the air system for any possible blockages.
Regards Ollie 8-)
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